Elven Wizard and High Council member of Kelethor


An elderly elven wizard. He has white hair, but still maintains very striking features. His hands and arms are covered with magical tattoos that serve as an extension of his spellbook.


Dul’Ten had been imprisoned in a large Sapphire by Dolmagus and been kept at Razor Spire under Zargath’s watch. The party found the sapphire in the process of chasing off Zargath and his forces from the tower. They later encountered one of Dul’Ten’s apprentices in the dungeon underneath the tower. His apprentice was able to convince the party to shatter the sapphire, freeing Dul’Ten from his prison. He is fairly distrustful of non-elves, but is grateful to the party for helping him and feels that he owes them his life.


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