Evil wizard with aspirations of world domination


Dolmagus is a tall, older human with a long, black beard and bald head. He wears elaborate robes emblazoned with the symbol of the Crimson Triad.


Dolmagus resides in a floating tower that drifts slowly over the western wastes. He appears to have command of legions and Goblins and has used Worgs, Hill Giants, and other wizards in his armies. He formerly had some sort of agreement with Zargath and the Orc armies from the south, but they have since abandoned Dolmagus’s cause for unknown reasons.

In their only encounter with Dolmagus, the party was taken to his tower by Sythodyx and forced into agreeing to track down a demonic book containing knowledge of creating portals that would link their world to the Abyss. Dolmagus claims that he wants to keep the demons from invading their world so he can rule it. Dolmagus also revealed that Kuzdor is part-demon.


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