Kingdom of Arathor

Tracking Demons

Mountaintop Shrine

Dul’Ten was able to pull some strings and allowed the party to borrow some giant eagles from Kelethor’s aviary. Using the eagles and the potion that Kuzdor received from Dolmagus, they located a mountaintop shrine northeast of Kelethor. The shrine is home to followers of Heironius, but once they arrived Kuzdor sensed that they were surrounded by demons.

The Heironius “followers” attempted to talk the party into separating, but the group refused to fall into the trap and took up arms. The “followers” disappeared, so the party began to search the shrine top to bottom. A hidden door in the kitchen led to a cellar filled will all sorts of traveling gear and clothing. Another secret door led them further underground.

They ended up in a room that had a raised altar in the center which was home to a fire. As they were searching the room, 2 Babau demons ambushed them from their hiding places behind statues in the corners of the room. During the fight, Malachite was seriously injured, but was saved when Reiden mysteriously disappeared but then reappeared behind one of the demons and gutted it before it could finish off the injured Sorcerer.



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