Kingdom of Arathor

Early Adventures Vol. 3

Battle for Mountainside

The party returned to Kelethor to re provision and agreed to help the army’s advance scouts infiltrate the city of Mountainside which had been overrun by Crimson Triad forces. Their assignment was to find the command structure and try to take it out to send them into disarray before their main army attacked.

They had some early success, but upon finding the main barracks all hell broke loose. They party was discovered and engaged in combat with orcs and hill giants. Just when things couldn’t get worse, Vaud showed up and recognized their scent from his lair. It appeared the end was near, when Sythodyx swooped in a pushed Vaud aside, telling him that the party was off limits.

Syth then carried the party to Dolmagus’s tower to meet with the evil wizard. Dolmagus forced the party to agree to helping him track down a demon text that is used in creating dimensional portals to the Abyss. He believes that a group of demons is working to open multiple portals and invade the world and wants any demonic texts that they may have. He claims that he wants to stop them because the world is his to conquer. He also revealed that Kuzdor is part demon and gave the party a map and potion to help track down the locations that he believes the demons are constructing portals at. The party was then teleported back down to the wastes and headed back to Mountainside to finish what they started there.

By the time they returned, Humans and Dwarves from the east had already begun their attack on the besieged town. The party was able to take out the localized leaders back at the barracks just before the elven army from Kelethor stormed in from the west. Once the city was secured, the party returned to Kelethor to rest up. Dul’Ten was able to translate some of the demonic books that had been recovered from the dungeon under Razor Spire and discovered that they were instructions for creating portals linked to the Abyss.

Dul’Ten begrudgingly allowed the party to take to book for safe keeping. They later set out to track down the demon portal locations listed on the map they received from Dolmagus.



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