Kingdom of Arathor

Early Adventures Vol. 2

Under Razor Spire

The party delved into the lower levels underneath the tower and ended up finding a foundry and a mine full of slaves and prisoners of war. After defeating the remaining orcs and setting the slaves free, the party descended into a dungeon connected to the caverns underneath Razor Spire.

Events of note include fighting off a minotaur ambush, discovering 4 slaves that had fled into the dungeon, and encountering a small group of demons. Among the escaped slaves was Ultanis, a member of the King’s Shadow Guard who recognized Reidan as a member of the Red Knives Thieves Guild that hails from the city of Arathor. Also among them was an elf apprenticed to Dul’Ten who recognized the sapphire that the players had found. Upon breaking the gem, Dul’Ten was freed from his magical imprisonment.

After killing a few demons, the party found a damsel in distressed locked away. She turned out to be a succubus that was able to use her charms on Veeran and Malachite, turning them on the rest of the party. They were able to break the enchantments before any serious harm was done and nearly finished off the succubus before she teleported away. Several strange books were found in the room and brought along to be translated later.

The party came across several kobolds working on adding hallways and rooms to the dungeon, but most of them were quick to run away. Following the kobolds led to 2 huge chambers. Two gigantic spiders made their home in them outer chamber. Malachite was nearly killed in the battle. The inner chamber was home to a blue dragon named Vaudixaulus, who was out on business as the time. The party took several items from Vaud’s horde, but left all the coins, and left the dungeon to return to Kelethor.



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