Kingdom of Arathor

Early Adventures

Razor Spire

The campaign opens in a block of holding cells within Razor Spire. The party had all been captured under various circumstances and met here for the first time. Reiden pick pocketed a key and freed the party from their cells. Malachite disguised himself as an Orc and scouted out some of the tower. The party was able to fight their way to exit of the tower and escape out into the wastes.

On the advice of one of their fellow prisoners (an Elf named Fharath), they travelled north to the forest city of Kelethor where they were able to re-provision before setting out back to Razor Spire. While making camp just north of the tower the next night, they saw the tower empty itself of a massive amount of Orcs who proceeded to march East.

Upon entering the tower the next day, they found it nearly empty except for Zargath and a handful of guards. The party was able to defeat the guards and chased Zargath to the top of the tower where he mysteriously disappeared. During the chase they passed through a room that appeared to be for holding prisoners but only had a large sapphire inside of a small cage.



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