Kingdom of Arathor

A Brief Rest

From Arathor to Mistvale Keep

After each of the party members taking care of some personal errands, the party attended an open auction at the new eagle aerie. Of the 10 eagles up for auction, they were able to secure 5 of them (at a hefty price) to help ferry them around on their adventures.

Based on previous leads and information the group flew a full day south to the town of Riverwatch where they spent the night and gathered some information. The next morning they headed to Mistvale Keep to to west. From the outside, the keep seemed abandoned and neglected. Upon entering the courtyard, over a dozen piles of bones sprung to life and attacked. While distracted by the skeletons, a Mohrg jumped them from behind and was able to incapacitate 3 of them before the remaining 2 party members were able to destroy it.



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