Kingdom of Arathor

A Brief Rest
From Arathor to Mistvale Keep

After each of the party members taking care of some personal errands, the party attended an open auction at the new eagle aerie. Of the 10 eagles up for auction, they were able to secure 5 of them (at a hefty price) to help ferry them around on their adventures.

Based on previous leads and information the group flew a full day south to the town of Riverwatch where they spent the night and gathered some information. The next morning they headed to Mistvale Keep to to west. From the outside, the keep seemed abandoned and neglected. Upon entering the courtyard, over a dozen piles of bones sprung to life and attacked. While distracted by the skeletons, a Mohrg jumped them from behind and was able to incapacitate 3 of them before the remaining 2 party members were able to destroy it.

Mountaintop Shrine
Portal resolution

After healing up from their fight with the Babau demons, the party searched the chamber and found 2 hidden doorways. As the party started down the hallway, a succubus teleported in behind them and charmed Veeran. It didn’t last long as the demon quickly teleported away again.

At the end of the hallway they found a ransacked study. One of the walls had an inset with a large red gem in it. Reiden was able to tell that the gem was trapped but couldn’t figure out how to disarm it. Veeran stubbornly reached in to snag the gem but couldn’t pull away in time and a guillotine like blade came down across the opening, cutting his hand off.

Kuzdor was able to wedge the blade open so they could retrieve the severed hand in hopes of getting Veeran healed later. Veeran shifted into bear form so that he could be useful in case they came across more demons as his spells had been depleted. The party returned to the first chamber where they had previously detected another hidden doorway.

Beyond this doorway, Reiden used his new-found invisibility to scout ahead where he found some Dretch demons laying in wait. The party was able to ambush them and take them out quickly. At the end of this hallway was a sacrificial room with a glowing portal in the center. The room was covered in blood from wall to wall, with severed limbs sprinkled about. They found one survivor chained to the wall who turned out to be Manis, a Sorcerer that Veeran had previously adventured with.

While tending to the injured Manis, the portal surged and a Solamith demon appeared and immediately attacked the group. The party suffured some serious injuries but were able to take out the monstrosity.

The demons of the shrine had built up quite a treasure cache of coins, gems, and gear which the party collected. After healing up they ventured into the portal but quickly returned after they witnessed a vast army of demons massing in the valley below them. After some discussion and experimentation, they were able to use the ruby (that cost Veeran his hand) to close the portal.

They rested overnight in the temple then ventured for a day and a half to get to the capital city of Arathor to re provision and get Verran’s hand healed. That evening while taking time to relax and recuperate they gambled with a man named Cadis who is rumored to be a former adventurer and keeps many trophies of his exotic kills mounted on the walls of his mansion. Several thousand gold traded hands as Kuzdor and Reiden found themselves on the losing end of things, while Veeran and Manis made out very well.

Tracking Demons
Mountaintop Shrine

Dul’Ten was able to pull some strings and allowed the party to borrow some giant eagles from Kelethor’s aviary. Using the eagles and the potion that Kuzdor received from Dolmagus, they located a mountaintop shrine northeast of Kelethor. The shrine is home to followers of Heironius, but once they arrived Kuzdor sensed that they were surrounded by demons.

The Heironius “followers” attempted to talk the party into separating, but the group refused to fall into the trap and took up arms. The “followers” disappeared, so the party began to search the shrine top to bottom. A hidden door in the kitchen led to a cellar filled will all sorts of traveling gear and clothing. Another secret door led them further underground.

They ended up in a room that had a raised altar in the center which was home to a fire. As they were searching the room, 2 Babau demons ambushed them from their hiding places behind statues in the corners of the room. During the fight, Malachite was seriously injured, but was saved when Reiden mysteriously disappeared but then reappeared behind one of the demons and gutted it before it could finish off the injured Sorcerer.

Early Adventures Vol. 3
Battle for Mountainside

The party returned to Kelethor to re provision and agreed to help the army’s advance scouts infiltrate the city of Mountainside which had been overrun by Crimson Triad forces. Their assignment was to find the command structure and try to take it out to send them into disarray before their main army attacked.

They had some early success, but upon finding the main barracks all hell broke loose. They party was discovered and engaged in combat with orcs and hill giants. Just when things couldn’t get worse, Vaud showed up and recognized their scent from his lair. It appeared the end was near, when Sythodyx swooped in a pushed Vaud aside, telling him that the party was off limits.

Syth then carried the party to Dolmagus’s tower to meet with the evil wizard. Dolmagus forced the party to agree to helping him track down a demon text that is used in creating dimensional portals to the Abyss. He believes that a group of demons is working to open multiple portals and invade the world and wants any demonic texts that they may have. He claims that he wants to stop them because the world is his to conquer. He also revealed that Kuzdor is part demon and gave the party a map and potion to help track down the locations that he believes the demons are constructing portals at. The party was then teleported back down to the wastes and headed back to Mountainside to finish what they started there.

By the time they returned, Humans and Dwarves from the east had already begun their attack on the besieged town. The party was able to take out the localized leaders back at the barracks just before the elven army from Kelethor stormed in from the west. Once the city was secured, the party returned to Kelethor to rest up. Dul’Ten was able to translate some of the demonic books that had been recovered from the dungeon under Razor Spire and discovered that they were instructions for creating portals linked to the Abyss.

Dul’Ten begrudgingly allowed the party to take to book for safe keeping. They later set out to track down the demon portal locations listed on the map they received from Dolmagus.

Early Adventures Vol. 2
Under Razor Spire

The party delved into the lower levels underneath the tower and ended up finding a foundry and a mine full of slaves and prisoners of war. After defeating the remaining orcs and setting the slaves free, the party descended into a dungeon connected to the caverns underneath Razor Spire.

Events of note include fighting off a minotaur ambush, discovering 4 slaves that had fled into the dungeon, and encountering a small group of demons. Among the escaped slaves was Ultanis, a member of the King’s Shadow Guard who recognized Reidan as a member of the Red Knives Thieves Guild that hails from the city of Arathor. Also among them was an elf apprenticed to Dul’Ten who recognized the sapphire that the players had found. Upon breaking the gem, Dul’Ten was freed from his magical imprisonment.

After killing a few demons, the party found a damsel in distressed locked away. She turned out to be a succubus that was able to use her charms on Veeran and Malachite, turning them on the rest of the party. They were able to break the enchantments before any serious harm was done and nearly finished off the succubus before she teleported away. Several strange books were found in the room and brought along to be translated later.

The party came across several kobolds working on adding hallways and rooms to the dungeon, but most of them were quick to run away. Following the kobolds led to 2 huge chambers. Two gigantic spiders made their home in them outer chamber. Malachite was nearly killed in the battle. The inner chamber was home to a blue dragon named Vaudixaulus, who was out on business as the time. The party took several items from Vaud’s horde, but left all the coins, and left the dungeon to return to Kelethor.

Early Adventures
Razor Spire

The campaign opens in a block of holding cells within Razor Spire. The party had all been captured under various circumstances and met here for the first time. Reiden pick pocketed a key and freed the party from their cells. Malachite disguised himself as an Orc and scouted out some of the tower. The party was able to fight their way to exit of the tower and escape out into the wastes.

On the advice of one of their fellow prisoners (an Elf named Fharath), they travelled north to the forest city of Kelethor where they were able to re-provision before setting out back to Razor Spire. While making camp just north of the tower the next night, they saw the tower empty itself of a massive amount of Orcs who proceeded to march East.

Upon entering the tower the next day, they found it nearly empty except for Zargath and a handful of guards. The party was able to defeat the guards and chased Zargath to the top of the tower where he mysteriously disappeared. During the chase they passed through a room that appeared to be for holding prisoners but only had a large sapphire inside of a small cage.


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